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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  April 13, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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alcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a delicious taste. grandpa! [ female announcer ] stay strong, stay active with boost. this is a fox news alert. just moments ago republican senator marco rubio officially kicking off his 2016 presidential campaign, senator rubio announcing his candidacy at a rally in miami and you are about to hear what he said. plus, one of senator rubio's g.o.p. opponent in the race for the white house. senator rand paul, is he here to go "on the record." you will hear from senator paul in just a few minutes. get ready from live team coverage from the campaign trail. senator rubio and right now here is what senator rubio just told his supporters in his home state of florida. >> after months of deliberation and prayer about the future of our country, i have come here tonight to make an
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announcement how can i best chief. my parents came to achieve what is known as the american dream. the problem is now too many americans are starting to doubt whether achieving that dream is still possible.g families that are living paycheck to paycheck. one unexpected expense away from disaster. outcome americans unable to start a career or a business or a family because they owe thousands of dollars in student loans for degrees that did not even lead to jobs. and small business owners who are left to struggle under the weight of more taxes more regulation and more government. why is this happening that in a country for over two centuries has been defined by equality of opportunity. it's because while our people and our economy are pushing the boundaries of the 21st century, too many of our leaders and their ideas are stuck in the 20th
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century. chupp. [cheers and applause] they are busy looking backwards so they do not see how jobs and prosperity today depend on our ability to compete in a global economy. and so our leaders put us at a disadvantage by taxing and borrowing and regulating like it was 1999. at the turn of the 19th century, a generation of americans harnessed the power of the industrial age they transformed this country into the leading economy of the worlds. 20th century became the american century. now the time has come for our generation to lead the way towards a new american century. [cheers and applause] just yesterday a leader from yesterday began a campaign
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for president by promising to take us back to yesterday. >> yesterday is over. [cheers and applause] and we're never going back. [cheers and applause] , you see we americans are proud of our history our country has always been about the future. before us now is the opportunity to author the greatest chapter yet in the amazing story of america. we can't do that by going back to the leaders and ideas of the past. we must change the decisions we are making by changing the people who are making them. [cheers and applause] and so, that is why tonight
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grounded by the lessons of our history, but inspired by the promise of our future, i announce my candidacy for president of the united states. [cheers and applause] >> and fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron is live in miami. karl. >> hi, greta. well, you heard it, marco rubio with some pretty unsubtle wraps at hillary clinton and jeb bush who was marco rubio's mentor which he was rising up through the state legislature ultimately become the speaker of the florida house before running for the u.s. senate. rubios would a long shot when he ran in 2010. he was one of the first tea party backed candidates to actually get elected and begin that waive of the 2010 sort of levy lucien of the tea party year. and since then he is also sort of part of the senate's establishment. is he on the foreign relations committee. tomorrow he will head back to washington to throw questions at secretary of state john kerry who will be testifying in d.c. it's a pretty aggressive -- it's a progressive
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aggressive campaign that he faces in front of him. for the last couple of years he spent several hundred thousands declaration of on data base and. while the decision was made since christmas it's been in the work for some time. third one in. jeb bush and scott walker lead the top candidates which would include ted cruz and rand paul. marco rubio is right there pretty much in the margin of surveys. >> we have three senators first terms and how much experience and we went through the same thing with barack obama. that must be some of the talk. >> marco rubio address thassments he made the point that a lot of people thought in his speech that a lot of people he should wait his turn that in reference to jeb bush. he couldn't do it. 43 years old freshman senator only four years into his first term that there are are going to be comparisons to barack obama. in sort of a counter
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intourive way. the rubio campaign doesn't mind that too much. yes he too will be historic if he wins republican nomination first hispanic to do so and put the country on the path for first latino president. there have been plenty in the past. ted cruz cuban american texas senator is bill richardson the former governor of new mexico on the democratic side. rubio gets into this race looking for the big money and the ability to battle the big names and jeb bush, his former mentor is going to be a part of that rand paul has libertarian conservatives sort of leaning his way and ted cruz the greater tea party favorite than rubio even though as we said he came in on that wave in 2010, greta. >> karl, thank you. right now former secretary of state and now presidential candidate hillary clinton has left new york. she is roaring down the highway in a van named school busy. her destination iowa. first campaign stop after announcing her 2016 bid yesterday.
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>> i'm running for president. americans have thought their way back from tough mick times. but the deck is still stacked in favor of those at the top. every day americans need a champion and i want to it be that champion. >> and fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry is live in iowa. ed? >> greta, to good to see you. fascinating to see what karl's reporting on the republican side. marco rubio and string of other republicans in recent days have basically been attacking hillary clinton as old news or being too closely tied to president obama. basically looking ahead to a potential general election. raises moneys perhaps raises their own name i.d. to draw her in to a general election battle clinton is doing just the opposite. left new york yesterday. on her way here. spotted a short time ago cha chipotle perhaps ordering a burrito in ohio trying to project an image of somebody
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reaching out to regular people she is in that video talking about how she wants to it be a champion for the middle class. she will eventually arrive here where i'm standing now in aurora iowa. meeting with educators and students. the whole point of this is she is trying to convince iowa voters that she is not looking past these caucuses. they believe back in 2007 and 2008 that she was looking ahead to the general election. that she took this for granted against then senator barack obama. he rolled up his sleeves outworked her. this time her advisors insist to me she is not going to look past iowa. that she is going to get her hands dirty. she is going to stand up for the middle class make this clear she is focused on a potential democratic primary battle and not look ahead to a general election. we will see remember this whole i'm championing the middle class is something she tried last year on book tour and had to back pedal after saying she was flat
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broke after leaving the white house. it was pointed out all the speech money she has been getting. book money, clearly not flat broke that attempt to rebrand herself and say she is a champion of the middle class is going to be one of her struggles in this race, greta. >> ed, thank you. now the interview you will only see "on the record." republican presidential candidate senator rand paul speaking for the first time since secretary clinton and marco rubio jumped in the race for the white house. senator rand paul joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening, thanks for having me. >> nice to see you. i guess in reference to senator marco rubio i would ask what's it look to have him in the race i suppose you are going to tell meet more the merrier. how are you different than senator marco rubio? >> we have a lot of similarities. when i did my filibuster he came and supported me. i appreciate that one of the differences that's came up recently is i don't think it's a good idea to borrow money, even for national defense and so when we had a recent amendment contrast i put forward an amendment to
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increase defense spending but only by cutting spending elsewhere. is i think that the debt is a real threat to our national security and i will vote for more money for defense spending but only if it's cut elsewhere. >> as we look at the 2016 race. how do we voters determine how someone has changed his or her opinion changed circumstances rethinking it or something. or whether it's a flip flop? what's the difference? >> i think there are some basic principles you want some people to keep no matter. what whether or not the debt is a good idea. whether the debt is a big problem. whether capitalism is a better system than socialism. those are major principles. buff then i think there are things that are based on facts and as facts change you want someone to adapt to facts. i think philosophy and principles tend to stay the same but facts obviously do change. >> all right. secretary clinton has announced that she has jumped in the race with her announcement yesterday right away you came out of the gate. you have this negative ad. listen to this.
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>> what path will america take? will it be a path to the past? a road to yesterday? to a place we have been to before? hillary clinton represents the worst of the washington machine. the arrogance of power. corruption and coverup. conflicts of interest and failed leadership with tragic consequences. the washington machine is destroying the american dream. >> all right, senator, that's only part of the ad. why come out of gate and no negative? why not take the high road? why do you do this from the the get-go with american voters. >> we need to have a contrast. important things american people will have a to know and important things he she will have to explain. hillary's war in libya made us less safe. radical islam potent threat to us in libya. that's a valid point for us to debate. debate over whether or not accepting donations from foreign countries such as saudi arabia is good for somebody in high level of
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politics. politics is rough and tumble. there will be debate and chance for both sides. i guess as i look what's going on around the world and see what's going on with isis and american families can't get jobs. they worry about their kids not having jobs after college and huge debt. some kids can't even go to college. first thing we wake up to this morning and all of a sudden you are throwing hud at a candidate there is a lot of time for that do you not think that the american people are sort of starving for a little loftier debate? >> well, i think they want to know differences and they want to know who to choose. and if we are concerned about jobs, unweather forecast things that economists say is we are losing a million jobs a year from the burden of debt. so there will be he question of which candidates budget. ditch choices to cut spend sacral lid points for us to debate. i don't think anything about that is unfair really. let me turn to iran.
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the date june 30th is supposedly when we are going to have some sort of deal. i don't know if that's going to happen or not. at least today there was a report that a number of states have sanctions against iran which puts a whole new dimension where does -- you know where dotsz u.s. senate stand. where do you now see this going, this deal with iran? >> well, i think we are going to vote either tomorrow or the next day in the foreign relations committee on the corker/menendez bill. this bill says to the president that if he wants to undo sanctions that were passed by congress that he will have to be voted on by congress. this is something i support. it reiterates the constitution that laws can't be undone by the president. they have to be undone by a vote of congress. >> isn't it a little bit odd -- i mean, if you senate passed the sanctions, you have now got to pass a bill to tell the president that he can't undo what you did? it's a lot of busy work. how did we get to this? >> i think it sends a big signal though to the president because the
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president's signaling otherwise. the president, whether it was healthcare, immigration, war powers, or making this agreement has been saying he doesn't need the permission of congress. this is congress pushing back and congress saying hey, wait a minute mr. president, we do have a say in this. and you are right, we could not do this at all. but i have been saying all along one reason to do this and do it now is to send a signal to the negotiators that we want a good agreement because we are going to have to voted on it so you have to please a broad swath of the american congress and the american people. and they have to believe that it's a good deal. so i think that's what this is about. it's a signal and message to those that are negotiating that we want a good deal, not a bad deal. >> okay. bloomberg poll says 11% of republican independent women in polls said would seriously consider senator paul not a huge number. compared to 22% of men. you have the largest spread between women and men. i have seen that you have taken some heat in some interview about interviews with women.
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what's the story there, senator? where are the women for you? >> the interesting thing about this poll is it actually showed that i did much better with category of people leaning my direction with women than did i with men. and if you looked at people not interested in my candidacy, it was actually equal for men and women. the people who wrote the headline there sort of didn't read their own poll very carefully. the interesting thing we have seen is that in the last couple of weeks we are outpolling hillary clinton in iowa purple state. pennsylvania which is a purple state and also in colorado. so i think we're doing something right to attract i wants and -- independents and women bellwether states that can go either way. >> see our entire view with senator/candidate rand paul. go to and "on the record" hits the campaign trail. remember this one? we took you on the campaign trail with then senate candidate marco rubio. that was back in 2010. at the time rubio was the underdog running against florida governor charlie
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crist. rubleio with one staff crisscrossed florida in a van vowing to shake things up. >> glowing sentiments that things aren't going right. and the way we have been doing things in washington over the last 10 or 12 years with both parties just doesn't feel right and maybe it's time to shake that up. i don't hold any gludges. i'm not upset about it blue but the entire political establishment lined up against me. all the leadership in washington got behind charlie crist in florida as well. that didn't deter us or make us angry. it made us focus on what this race should really be about. that's changed now. so i think it's people think washington is broken both parties are to blame folks go it washington a stand up gobs it you will hear from senator and 2016 presidential candidate marco rubio in hour along
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americans to inherit a country worse off than the one left for their parents. a. >> stontd senator rubio makes it four. four make. joined secretary clinton and two republican senators ted cruz and rand paul. karl rove joins us. good evening, karl. >> good evening, how are you? >> good. the fact that we have three u.s. senators who are are first termers running for president seems to me is going to be a risk for them that this campaign may be more prove it because we have had a one term senator and a lot of people unhappy with him. do you agree with me this is a prove it? don't just give me fancy talk? >> look. that's one of the challenges that first term senators face. you are right to put your finger on it each bring strengths to it we saw today in marco rubio's announcement his personal story. we will see in the weeks ahead that he is carefully prepared himself over the
4:22 pm
last several years for this moment. given in 2013 and 2014 a series of seven speeches. mostly on domestic policy that clearly show he has been thinking deeply about these issues. trying to figure out what he would do if he were in a place to do something about it understanding and grasping the essence of these issues and facts and figures and ups and downs ands and outs. is he going to show himself as somebody who has vision compelling vision for the future. we will see than 00 campaign trail. we saw it certainly in the passion today in the speech. >> everybody has a good personal story. we can all dig back in our history. for some reason i think going into this campaign that the american people may be a little bit beyond disand demand more than just a good personal story or a good speaker. you know they really need proof. they have really serious problems facing them. >> yeah looks, there will be
4:23 pm
advantage for governors in. this chief extis who had to make decisions. on the other hand, these senators are going to be able to point to the things that they have said and things more importantly that they have done that for good or for ill are going to draw people to them or repel people from them. again like rubio who has been on foreign policy a very strong voice. who has been ril critical of the administration's policies in ways now when we look back make him look pressure shent. this is going to be a strength for him you are right. if you are a first term senator the question is are you going to be just like barack obama? the difference is you see this with rubio, barack obama was in the illinois state senate and voted present. marco rubio was in the florida house of representatives. and was known as constructive strong, effective conservative leader. barack obama said as little as possible except he was against the iraq war. this is a man marco rubio since he has gone to the senate in 2010 has been
4:24 pm
constructive and engaged person no matter what policy he is on starting with the foreign relations committee. >> karl yesterday, we saw secretary hillary clinton announcing her second run for the white house. of course the thought is president obama automatically support his former secretary of state. but here's what white house press secretary journ ernst said today. >> the two of them have become friends. as has been speculated by you and many others, there are other people who are friends with the president who may at some point decide to get into the race. so, the president has not offered up any sort of endorsement at this point. this will be the responsibility of democratic voters to decide who should be the democratic nominee for president. >> karl, i bet former president bill clinton is steaming tonight the convention was when he spoke at the 2012 convention he sealed the deal for endorsement of president
4:25 pm
obama. now he is hearing that it's now endorsement. >> this is kabuki theater. don't make anything about it. if you are barack obama, do you want joe biden for the next two years to be upset with you because you gave early endorsement on hillary clinton. on hillary clinton's part he shoe doesn't want obama's endorsement. do you think in july of next year she is going to wanted to be seen as the third term for barack obama. she is grateful for him sitting on the sideline and once he formally endorses her when she secures the nomination we will see -- he is going to be trying to give her the endorsement and she is going to try to run away with it. even though she played intimate role in defining the failed policy of this administration. don't make too much of this. do you really want joe biden at your doorstep every day of the west wing mr. president why didn't you even give me a chance? this would be painful. don't make much of this. this is kabuki theater. >> i will make nothing of it because you just convinced me. thank you, karl. >> you bet. >> straight ahead. this must have prime minister netanyahu fit to be
4:26 pm
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4:30 pm
adam kinzinger joins you. $800 million for iran that means to me iran is getting ready in case it gets hit. >> of course i have got to tell you something more interesting in that briefing, secretary kerryry was asked about this by representative mike turner. and secretary kerry's response was well, you've got to kind of understand the iranian position. they are worried about the saudi arabians. they are worried about this shia/sunni kind of thing. and oh, by the way, the russians have a really bad economy and they really need the sales. and frankly, israel and egypt never delivered on their promises. that's what had you in this briefing, secretary kerry basically kind of brush off that this was happening. publicly said, yeah, we objected to it. but to us, i don't think he quite realized the impact of what he was saying. he said yeah, you know, you have got to understand it from their perspective. that's the whole problem with what we have seen out of this administration. >> the way i read this is
4:31 pm
that iran sees the deal falling through withs nuke lahr weapons deal falling through and that it knows that prime minister netanyahu has been made it very obvious zero tolerance for enrichment. the minute this deal falls through, they are at risk that israel could act. the best way to fight against iraq is if they have a missile defense system. so now they are getting it from russia so that they have complete protection at least presumably from any attack from israel. >> it's quite possible. if you think about it it why now? why not a year ago? i mean russia has basically slowed this sale down for five years. why not any year? for some reason they're making a strong statement and russia is making a very strong statement, too. we hear about them buzzing and intercepting our aircraft with the increased violence in eastern ukraine. they are saying they are back on the block and have to be reckoned with. >> from what you say with secretary kerry this is a go. u.s. is not going to step in and make any efforts to block it. >> yeah. i didn't get that indication at all.
4:32 pm
yeah, we object to it but at the same time you have got to understand the iranian perspective. it actually shocked me. i thought that was the headline to come out of the whole thing. >> anything else come out of that briefing? >> yeah. he is ever the optimist. >> he being secretary kerry. >> he being secretary kerry. he believes this is the best deal ever. the problem is we hear about some the details of it which i can't get into a lot of the details. the problem is there is no iranians in there talking about how they perceived the deal. whether you have secretary kerry and president obama on the one hand say it's got all these very strict things and, you know, yeah, they can keep their underground facilities but process cotton candy or something and not nuclear weapons and the iranians say and they put out a point by point saying yeah, that's not what we agreed to at all. the next three months are going to be telling. it's quite obvious we're on two different pages. >> iran says they will not let us do inspections with military installations. if i were iranian and wanted to do something sinister that's the area to do it. >> you think moving nuclear infrastructure is is going
4:33 pm
to be that hard? it's absolutely not going to be that hard. iranians have cheated before. iranians want the nuclear weapon. if anybody thinks they don't want a nuclear weapon they're crazy much the question is how are they going to cheat? how are they going to get through. this that's what i'm worried about. >> any iranians upset or give the secretary a hard time. >> sure a lot of democrats seemed very concerned about it. you know so it will be interesting to see -- i mean, the white house is going to have to put some very heavy lobbying pressure which is going to be the first time they ever really engage with congress, frankly since they passed obamacare. so we will see if they have any political clout left. there is only a year and a half left of this administration. i'm not sure a lot of democrats are going to go down that hill. >> congressman, nice to see you. thank you. >> thank you. >> here is a question for you, how familiar more will the world tolerate of isis. isis releasing a disturbing new video shown to blow up an ancient city in iraq. art art facts. rebecca, what did they do with this old city.
4:34 pm
>> if you have seen the video, greta, it's absolutely horrifying. takes sledge hammers, drills to it ancient artifacts some of these pieces part of the city more than 3,000 years old and at the end after smashing and destroying a number of the artifacts, a number of the things inside the city, in the video it appears that they actually use explosives to finish it off. of course, rebecca human life is valued so much more and isis is doing horrible things beheading people killing christians and doing the worst possible things. there is also something about the fact that they are trying to destroy this rich history and to annihilate the area. >> absolutely. i think they have been really clear this is part of their mandate. also situations like the asyrian city in ninrud. for isis the statues inside the city ancient site is a form of worshiping idols and of course in their very strict version of islam,
4:35 pm
they feel righteous to destroy these artifacts that they consider idols. definitely part of something that they are doing is, of course obvious like you said lost lives are tragic but also something cultural sites. >> just watching these pictures it's terrible it's like watch whaght taliban did in afghanistan. they did the same thing. doing all that destruction it's just incredible. so horrible. i guess next to the beheading videos isn't so bad. still tough to look at. this history just being destroyed. look at that. wow. rebecca, thank you. senator marco rubio another republican to get into the race. will it shape things up? what does it mean for his mentor? jeb bush? americans wrongly being held in iran that includes u.s. marine amir hekmati. the "on the record" took a road trip.
4:36 pm
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tonight in miami marco rubio making it official. run. moments after the rally. senator rubio speaking to our sean hannity. >> one of the things that has come up regarding your candidacy when you said if you run you will not run for the senate again. is that hardened in stone? >> i'm running for president of the united states and that's what my campaign is about. i don't have a plan b to pivot back to the senate race. i intend to be the nominee. that's why i think it is important for us to have a strong candidate in florida who so out there working now. if i went out i would pivot back to the senate race if things didn't work out our best candidates may not run. >> you can see sean's pleent complete interview with shantd tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern. john mccormick. it is four, one democrat and three republicans. how did senator rubio do
4:41 pm
today. >> i think well. is he the strongest candidate to beat hillary clinton. he spent a lot of time in the senate focused on foreign policy. that's obviously come to the forefront. spent a lot on tax policy. what we saw in that speech there is charisma. hard to put your finger-on-and you know it when you see it may talk words don't matter. we need more than charisma. if you look back for a generation the more charismatic candidate has always won. he has obstacles immigration issues among the conservative base and the argument that he is just a first term senator. i think rubio will respond saying listen, jimmy carter was a governor. it depends on your ideas and judgment that's what really matters. this will all be settled in the debate. >> think charisma matters but i think it matters less than we nowted. we will be into a prove-it candidacy this 2016. the homecoming king is not going to get it. they will demand more. a.b.? >> a charismatic first term senator who has no real
4:42 pm
executive experience obviously is a liability after president obama. we knew he would have the tear jerker story we have heard it before. americans listening to it for the first time. it's very compelling. what i thought was really gutsy is he went straight for hillary and jeb. they are rich. they are old, and they are boring. i am a different generation. i have a different set of solutions to our problems. these people are blinded by their age their power. and. >> he said that to all -- totaled derly population of florida. big voters. that works fine little 18-year-olds out there are not big voters. he may not want to be. >> people told you need to get in this race because you are the next generation and new face of the republican party. you believe like obama you will galvanize a new generation.
4:43 pm
>> rubio is a senator from florida which has a large population of senior citizens. he won on the platform of reforming medicare. >> he may be running against governor jeb bush in florida. >> as a.b. pointed out all this drism all work against jeb bush, they are well connected and connected to wall street. i'm going to be fresh face, i'm going to be a populist. i think that's a compelling message. >> gutsy that he did it most people think you can only get this job if you are rich and powerful. it was very direct. i didn't expect him to be that straightforward. >> so what is governor jeb bush thinking tonight. >> it's been a tough couple of days. he needs to get the focus back on his candidacy. he was committed to doing a lot of retail politicking. if he does it and takes the answers and refuses to pander. not switch on immigration. be tough, have the answers. seem like the grown up that the donors think that he is. he will, you know have a real race. at this point he is worrying
4:44 pm
people who even support him because they say we don't really know if there is much there there after this initial round of sort of checking out the field. >> panel, stay with us. straight ahead, former governor mitt romney punches back. is he responding to senator reid's 2012 attack. that's next. i've lived my whole life here in fairbanks, alaska. i love the outdoors, spending time with my family. i have a family history of prostate
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former governor mitt romney striking back senate minority leader harry reid the former presidential candidate responding to the vicious 2012 attack by senator reid. >> so the word's out that he hasn't paid any taxes for 10 years. let him prove that he has paid taxes because he hasn't. >> around here what s. what governor romney said on "fox news sunday." he went over the line. disappointed in harry reid that's not appropriate for someone in his position to make unsubstantiated claims
4:49 pm
and, of course, they are entirely wrong. >> what do you think of harry reid? >> i think he was effective in his party but terribly ineffective in pursuing an agenda that's right for america. i'm glad he is retiring and i wish him well in his retirement. but i'm glad he is out of the senate soon. >> our political panel is back. you know john he is the quint gentleman he says harry reid went over the line unsubstantiated claims. actually, senator reid was dirty answered lied and one of the worst things to say because it he said it in the well of the senate where he is immune from libel action. >> his response is it romney didn't win, did he he basically admitted winkingly that he lied through his teeth to defeat a candidate. democrats have a republicans have lied about their candidates. they are wrong about the swift. >> at least he has the guts to come out of the senate well. >> you would think someone would actually -- you think some democrats would criticize him. i haven't heard peep out of any senate democratic
4:50 pm
accusing him of lying about this. >> a.b.? >> i'm with you. very few people left as well-mannered and cordial and gentlemanly as mitt romney in this business. harry reid doesn't care what we are saying about him. never has. as long as he is protected from legal action. he doesn't care. he doesn't care what any of his colleagues think about him. he cares about winning. >> what a terrible quality for a leaders. what a terrible he only cares about winning. >> well, in the congress, of this time, that is often the goal is to win and it's not to vote do the right thing are we going to pass the civil rights act in 2015? would anyone do anything daring? would anyone bailed coalition that would ruin them? >> i'm not saying that everyone is like harry reid. not the only person who has played this game. >> i will call out the republicans not having a vote on loretta lynch for the attorney general of the united states. >> that only is because harry individual blocking a
4:51 pm
vote to help sex trafficking victims over a long standing -- there -- >> -- you know what? fix it. >> he won't let them. doing it to hue nil united states. >> they all blame each other. >> he wants to bring the republicans down in the mud and say that the senate is broken. blame both sides, look, nothing has changed. >> most of the time even if something like the loretta lynch confirmation can look to the average person at home to doesn't pay attention at the granular level that republicans are beating up on lynch. harry reid succeeds. >> where is chuck schumer? they just sort of sit there and let all this happen? >> going to be the next leader. >> i mean, is he going to sit there and let all this languish? >> they want to break the republican party. if they can be seen just as much as failures and obstructionists were i think they think they are winning blocking a bill to help sex trafficking victims they want federal funding to go to elective abortions.
4:52 pm
now they are trying to pull the rug out from underneath the brucks. i don't think it's both sides. it's clearly harry reid here. >> i hope the american people sandy good lesson the next election who knows? everybody who is doing this to them on both sides. anyway, thank you, panel. now to iran u.s. talks nukes with iran. is the obama administration talking at all about the american's illegally held there today the white house press secretary josh earnst mentioning the jail americans which include our marine amir hekmati. >> we do not anticipate we will be able to solve our long differences with iran nuclear negotiations it dolls not mean that the -- our efforts to secure the release of these smerns not a priority. our efforts to secure the release of those americans is separate from our efforts to try to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. but, both of those things are priorities. >> right now the lives of four americans are at stake. three are in prison in iran. marine amir heck mattie
4:53 pm
pastor saeed be a continue any and amir hekmati. robert levinson disappeared in 2011 with no information about that right now i want you to hear from the mother of marine hekmati. "on the record" went to michigan to meet with his distraught family. >> if the supreme leader watch this to know that amir is innocent. i really miss him. we need him. his father is sick. he needs to come help his father. i miss him too. and i need -- i really to show his love and his peace. show to the world that is he a peaceful man and let amir go. he knows he is innocent. they know they set him up. they lied to him. they torture him. >> and you will see our
4:54 pm
completed interview with our marine's family in their michigan home that's tomorrow night only here "on the record." coming up i'm going to talk to you about something dirty off-the-record next.
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more than one and a half tons. get more facts at let's all go offs record for a minute. i don't care how vote for. that is so just your business. but i do have a thought about campaign 2016 and those poisonous negative ads. basically obnoxious conduct by adults that we would never condone by children. adult politicians saying the worst things to each other. of course we are all guilty we watch. i don't know but, i'm not looking for the candidate who can say the meanest thing, make up the biggest lie about opponent or smear the opponent even if that opponent might deserve it i'm looking for a real leader. admit it. real leaders are looking for problems and way to solve them rather than dreaming up something rotten say about
4:59 pm
another in a video or negative ad. if you don't have a record of success and have any ideas the only way to win is to knock the other guy down. you know that's wrong. some problems demand american leadership from the barberrism and chaos in the middle east and jobs and health care right back here at home. who are you going to vote for someone who strings flashy words and video together to trash talk another or someone as my 8th grade nun said would seriousness and purpose. as an aside that same nun said i lacked seriousness or purpose but i eventually grew up. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. thank you for being with us. see you tomorrow night at 7 p.m. eastern. if you can't watch me live use your dvr. up next the o'reilly factor. 10:00 p.m. don't forget sean has the big get everybody wanted. he had the interview with the latest one to get into the interview. that's tonight at 10:00 p.m. on hannity. good night from washington d.c. don't forget to go to
5:00 pm
gretawire and tell us what you thought about tonight's program and, of course, follow me on twitter. @greta. anyway. good night from washington. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> give me one accomplishment that hillary clinton succeeded n her tenure. >> we're talking myanmar. >> myanmar? that's what she is going to do? >> hillary clinton announcing she will run for president. now she has to defend her record. we will analyze it with charles krauthammer. >> hillary is the videos now? i mean if they could have done that in the 90's, i would be in jail. [ laughter ] >> "saturday night live" spoofing hillary's quest. is that a good or a bad thing? >> what do you think president obama's biggest accomplishment has been. >> becoming the first african-american president. >> after becoming president he didn't accomplish anything else? >>


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